Kon pa kuminsá yena e kuestionario?

Pa kuminsá yena e kuestonario, ta bon pa bo tin na man email adrès i bo number di meter di awa.
E number di e meter bo ta haña riba bo kuenta di Aqualectra bou di ‘number di seri’.

Pa bo kuminsá partisipá na e enkuesta (pa promé biaha) bo ta klek riba e boton  "kliente nobo". Bo ta haña un pantaya nobo. Aki bo ta yena bo email adres i bo number di meter di awe. Siguidamente bo ta risibí un email di CBS ku bo "number di senso". 

Ku e "number di senso" aki bo por kuminsá bo enkuesta. E number di senso huntu ku bo email adrès lo duna bo akseso na bo enkuesta si pa un òf otro motibu bo no alkansa di yena tur pregunta mesora. 

Ora bo ke drenta e sistema pa di dos biaha pa sigui yena e enkuesta, bo ta primi riba “kliente eksistente” i lo bo sigui na kaminda ku bo a terminá den e sekshon anterior.

Danki pa koperá ku senso di prueba. Sin bo koperashon nos lo tin estadistikanan ofisial di Kòrsou!

Team CBS

How do you start filling the questionnaire?

To start completing the survey, we advise you to have your email address and watermeter number handy. You can find the watermeternumber on your Aqualectra electricity bill under the category: 'number di seri':

If this is te first time that you are completing the survey, click on the 'New Customer' button. On the next page you have to enter your email address and your watermeter number. Once you have entered these, you will receive an email from CBS with your Census number. 

With this Census number you can start the questionnaire. The combination of the Census number with your email address will allow you to continue your survey if for any reason you could not fill it in in one sitting. 

If you want to continue the survey, click on existing customer, fill in your email address and Census number and you will be able to continue where your left off. 

Thank you for your cooperation. Only with your cooperation, we are able to produce official statistics for Curaçao.

Team CBS

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